Here are some of my AMAZING clients who has been using my (fit)plans. I'm beyond proud of every single girl/boy who decide to start their health journey and chose my plans/diet guide as their help. Take a minute to look at these pictures and read their testimony regarding my plans. To me this is pure motivation!



So so so thankful for linns fitplan & her constant support & motivation. Still have a ways to go but I am so happy in the skin I’m in right now ❤️ Linn Löwes


Here’s what Linn Löwes Strong and Lean plan has done for me! 💪🏼 I’ve never felt this good about my body or mind before! 💕 I’ve always got trubble with all sorts of ”illness” such as hypermobilty that caused severe pain in my leads and also many kinds of viruses keeping me from work very often.. This is all GONE!! I’m so thankful for this, and for my new strong body that I will continue to work on with help from Linn’s Fitplans! 🙌 IG: @josephinew_fit


So my 28th birthday was on Wednesday. And I’ve been pretty depressed because I’ve struggled with my weight through my 20s and feel like I wasted my youth being overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. It felt like no matter what I did or how hard I tried, nothing made a difference. Well after my gym session today (day 29 of the fit and strong plan) I decided to take some comparison pics. And I was shocked by what a difference there is from May 14 (left) and today (right). Guess there is hope after all...


30% completed strong & lean. 8 weeks apart, 4 months postpartum. I’ve been off track with eating at the moment, breastfeeding, sick kids & exhaustion are to blame😂 but after comparing these two I’m definitely back to clean eating!


Booty & belly transformation 😁 strong & lean done 2x & making my way thru booty x body now 🥰 ily Linn Löwes❤️❤️


Hey girls! 💃🏼How are you?💪🏻 I’m so amazed by you. You all doing so great and i have never been in so friendly community. 👯‍♀️Sharing my small progress.😋 I’m halfway done.



Feeling so freaking happy that I even did a tattoo on my leg because I felt so secure about my body.... This is just 1month and a half and I am so excited to know what is ahead.


I was never unhappy with my body before but I’ve always wanted to tone up.. now I feel super confident walking into the gym and even my friends are pointing out my progress. 90% done with this plan and really loving how far I’ve come. 😍 thanks linn


"Halfway through Linn Löwes Strong and Lean Plan and I couldn’t feel better! I’ve been on and off with the plan due to an ankle injury but I am so happy with how my body is changing! I cannot wait for her shred plan!!"


100 % done with strong and lean and this is the progress. I absolutely love the plan I will definitely do it again. Now: booty x body! 😍💪🏻 Thank you Linn Löwes!


If i could do it then everyone can! Currently BXB x 2! 💪🏾✌🏾



I cant belive this is me and that it has only been 3 months! I followed the S&L programme and I will do it over and over because im in love 😍


This is the transformation i made from Januari this year untill now (nov). I am so proud of myself, back then I ate junkfood all the time and did not like what I saw in the mirror. I had upps and downs but always got my motivation up when I looked at all awesome people in this group!!💪🏼🌟I am not near my goals yet BUT I feel so much more confident about myself after I started training with Linns programs, THANK YOU🌸