IT'S HERE! My very own diet guide made for YOU who really want to take control and speed up the progress towards your fitness and health goals!

This is a 31 page PDF guide that will teach you everything you need to know to, not only reach your fitness goals quickly, but also boost your health and well being.

My mission with this guide is to help you understand how your body works and teach you what to do to reach your goals as quick as possible. My motto in life has always been "knowledge is power". It's very convenient to be told exactly what to, I get it. But to UNDERSTAND and KNOW why you should do or not do certain things, that is powerful!


* Count your very own and personal BMR + PAL! Everything starts with these numbers. From here you will understand how to lose, maintain or gain weight.

* Divide your meals between protein, carbs and fat.

* Find your vitamin/mineral sources. Especially important for vegans.

* Difference between standard, moderate and low carb diet.

* What to eat pre/post workouts and WHY.

++ PLUS ++

* Top 10 protein rich sources including 10 veg sources.

* Shopping list and WHY you should buy it.

* 12 Recipes including macros (vegan and vegetarian options included).

* Supplements, including my own recommendations and what you should look for when buying supplements.


29USD // Ca 260SEK


You will get the pdf sent to your email right after you pay. Make sure to type a correct email or it won't send. The file is 25MB, to be able to download it you must have enough free memory space on your phone or it won't load. If you have an iPhone it will open in your iBooks. Click download only once and let it download properly. you have 5 attempts to download.

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