To get my workout plans you'll have to download the Fitplan App in app store or google play. First 7 days are completely free when signing up for annual plan!

When you're a subscriber of Fitplan App you get access to ALL plans - old and new ones! Everytime I add a new plan you get access to it without taking any actions. You can change between the plans whenever you want to and you can even mix them if you workout at home some days and at the gym other days!

Once you sign up to any of my plans you'll get a email from me/fitplan with a link + password to our private support group filled with thousands of amazing women going through the same journey as you!

If you need any technical help along the road - use the support chat at fitplan. If you have any questions regarding the plans, pop me an email through my contact sheet! Can't wait to have YOU on my team! x

Language: All plans are available in English, some in Spanish.

Monthly payment is 19 USD (ca 190SEK)

Yearly payment (mening you pay up front for 12 months. One time payment) is 99 USD (ca 990SEK)

You can sign off at any time! No obligations.

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