NEW! Strong and lean 2.0

The next step of the most popular workout plan (Strong & Lean) is finally here! This plan is ultimate for those who already completed S&L or has a lot of experience in the gym.

Duration: 12 weeks divided into 3 phases of 4 weeks each.

Location: Gym

Workouts per week: 5

You'll need: Basic gym equipment and machines such as legpress, smith machine, cable machine, bench, dumbbells, squatrack/barbell, step-up board.

Focus: Full body, lots of glutes and abs!


With this plan you don't even have to leave your home to get a solid workout in! No more excuses, let's do this!

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Home

Workouts per week: 4

You'll need: Yoga mat, dumbbells, mini loop band, resistance band, sliders (plastic lids from your very own kitchen or soft socks works!), a sofa and a chair.

Focus: Full body


Looking for shredding some fat but still maintain your precious muscle gains? This is your plan! We will do a lot of cardio but also lift weights to take care of your muscles and strength.

Duration: 10 weeks

Location: Gym & home

Workouts per week: 4

You'll need: Treadmill, stairmaster, dumbells, smith machine, barbells, pilates ball, weightplates, cable machine,

Focus: Fatburn and full body weight training


If you're aiming for a peachy booty this is the plan for you! I will take you through full body workouts but our focus will be on your lower body! Once a week we will push through a high intense session to burn some extra calories!

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Gym

Workouts per week: 5

You'll need: Fully equipped gym

Focus: Booty! Don't worry, I'll make sure you get to work through your whole body during the week. It's a booty focused plan, not a booty only plan ;).


Strong & lean is a over all great workout plan with full body workouts and TONS of exciting exercises! I recommend this plan for everyone who's new to the gym and also those of you who want to try over 125 exercises!

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Gym

Workouts per week: 5

You'll need: Basic gym equipment

Focus: Full body with lots of exercises!


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